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DIRT delivers daily to all of Dallas and surrounding areas.

If you have questions you can call us at 214.242.9533 or email

About DIRT


DIRT is a small passionate team composed of makers and artists. We take simple, natural materials and combine them in an authentic, honest way.

Our hand-crafted products break the stagnant industry standard. We use uncommon flower varieties to keep our customers surprised. Step into DIRT and experience it for yourself. :)



  • Ordering from us is easy, pleasurable and personable

Don’t know where to begin? What’s appropriate for the occasion? We can help you make the best choice. We can even help you with what to say on the card. Let our experienced team guide you through the process… or make it quick and painless and order with ease through our website.
  • Our designs and creations are authentic, unique, current and often one-of-a-kind

We buy only the freshest and most beautiful plants and flowers available and we arrange them like no other florist you’ve seen. We know you don’t want another cookie-cutter arrangement in a corny glass vase that will end up under your kitchen sink. What you’ll find on our website is what we have handmade for our store out of real, raw materials... small batches of our real products in real time.
  • Our experienced design staff can tailor our creations to your needs

Blow their mind or keep it simple, whatever you want to do. Your DIRT arrangement is designed by informed, creative and artistic designers with your needs in mind. We give our customers the individualized attention their occasion deserves. Your gift arrives with the closest attention having been paid to every detail… from the beautifully handwritten card to the gorgeous signature wrapping and even the little dried flower pinned to the bow. A packaged DIRT gift is guaranteed to impress and delight!
  • We are environmentally responsible

You’ll often see us driving around, rescuing discarded wood and raw materials we find on the streets of our neighborhoods with which to make our custom DIRT boxes and other containers. That’s recycled glass chips you see topping off many of our plantings. Beautiful! It is our mission to use what’s found, what can be saved, re-purposed, and re-imagined before anything else.
  • Our company is worth supporting

We here at DIRT are the very definition of an American Small Business. We are family-owned and operated with an additional small team of incredibly talented, gifted, caring people. We provide jobs and buy products to and from local people whenever we can and are loving members of our Oak Cliff Community.