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PAY$97 FOR A $150 GIFT CARD!!!

Hey DIRT FB Fans!,

The ice is melting, the chaos on the
roads is calming, Christmas is nearing
and you still have gift shopping to

Enter DIRT's 3rd annual, Don't Pass
Up, Too Good to be True, Superduper

Every year we come up with a REAL
bargain for those of you who subscribe
to our email list.

At last count I believe there were
1,489 subscribers like you.

This year we upped our game...

Pay $97 for a $150 Gift Card.

The Gift Card is emailable and can
be used on our website or at our shop.

If you couple this with our DIRT FREE
DELIVERY offer on orders over $125,
saving you up to $30, you get a total
value of your $97 purchase of up to

I hope you caught that...

Your $97 purchase can have a value up
to $180.

All you have to do is click here.

Buy gift card.

Gift the card or turn the card in by
choosing from our one-of-a-kind
inventory of items, such as a DIRT
Flower Arrangement or a unique and
unusual DIRT Terrarium.

Or perhaps a groovy gift basket or a
super-cool hand-made DIRT Box with

You decide. Either way, YOU SAVE...

...and you're recipient will get major

Here's the catch.

This Too Good To Be True offer is only
available until Sunday, Dec 15th.

That's in four days.

Get it here on our brand new,
fancy-shmancy, super-secure website.

We do custom work tailored to each
customer and their needs. If you
don't see it on our website call and
we'll make what you have in mind.

Thank you for supporting our small
DIRT family and our little flower
shop in the Bishop Arts.

Happy Holidays,
Chris, Sonya, Baby Levi
and Team DIRT

PS. We'll be offering HUGE SALES
on some overstock items we imported
from Belgium. It's really high-quality
stuff and it will be 50% off.

It is our first time in three years
offering a sale like this...

It will go quickly.

Don't worry, you guys on the list will
get first crack at it. I'll post a link
to the items in the next day or so.

Really soon.

...Get the Deal-a-rama here... :)

Most people don't read this far into
the PS's!!! :)

...and yes, you can use your $150 gift
card that you just paid $97 dollars on
the 50% off sale items...

***HINT: Read that the above paragraph

...Get the Deal-a-rama before it closes... :)

Pay $97 for $150 Gift Card Here.